Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Christian Belles Part III

Please consider posting to Facebook or forwarding to friends via email. Our nation's programming should not be forced to submit to the rules of one sect of one religion, nor should anyone be harassed for financially supporting a television show in a country that allows freedom of speech. Offended viewers always have the option to change the channel or simply turn it off.

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Trust me, folks, nobody is as bored with this as I am. One Million Moms is angry that they lost the J.C. Penney / Ellen DeGeneres battle and they are really coming at this television program with impotent fury.

Kudos to Target and L'Oreal for sticking with GCB this week!

Please continue to show your support for the sponsors since they are currently withstanding a barrage of hate mail. (See the bizarre comment at the bottom of my original post on the topic for an example.)

I suggest sending a kindly worded message to this week's advertisers expressing your support.

Sample text:

Dear <Name>,
Thank you for sponsoring ABC's program, Good Christian Belles. As a parent I am proud to be raising my children in a country that allows freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and capitalism. ABC is not a Christian organization and there is absolutely no reason they should be bullied into removing a program because a few people find it "blasphemous." Please continue to sell your products in whichever legal way you find most profitable. Have a great day!
Best regards,
Your Name

This week's sponsors:

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Unilever (Dove)
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Kellogg's (Eggo and Mini Wheats)
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Olive Garden
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Contact One Million Moms and ask them to stop bullying non-Christian businesses into following their rules.

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